Our Company

Vinedrea Wine & Spirits, is an Importer, Wholesaler & Distributor, that was established in early 2009 under the guidance of it’s parent company, Dandrea Produce. Dandrea Produce, originated in 1917 in Vineland, New Jersey, and is made up of growers, buyers and distributors of fruits and vegetables around the world.


Because of their family-owned mentality, Vinedrea places a strong focus on building personal relationships with the well-respected Wine and Spirits producers, essential to their existence.


Headquartered in located in Southern, New Jersey, we are immersed in the cities that surround us. Living in such close proximity to Philadelphia and New York, gives us an extraordinary view into the present and future consumer consumption trends in the adult beverage market.


Vinedrea Wines LLC has grown tremendously with more than nineteen brands in its portfolio sales in approximately twenty-two states.