Winery Information

Agricola Gonzagri Limited

Winery Background:
During the 15th and 16th centuries, France developed systems that would one day make them a powerhouse in wine production. In the mid 1800’s a young Frenchman named Don Hermon Folatre honed his skills producing wines from the very best France had to offer.

In 1888, Don Hermon Folatre arrived at the town of Pichamann in the Maule Region of Chile along with stock from his homeland. He began to personally produce wine for his own consumption, creating the first Chilean wines with a French last name. Today, “Folatre” wine is bottled for consumption around the world. Folatre is a wine that is French in heritage but that exhibits all the charm, flavor and aroma of a diverse geography blessed by the sun and it’s soil.

Our exquisite wines have been a source of delight on tables worldwide for demanding consumers searching for a new and unique sensation.

Our Promise:
Each bottle of Folatre depends on the local effort, the gift of sun and the labors of the ground. For us, the care of our world is more than gratitude for the treasured fruit we bottle. It is gratitude for our existence. It is for this reason that among our work policies respect for the environment is fundamental, allowing for the natural productive process with the least human intervention, thus returning the hand to the ground which provides us with much satisfaction.