Winery Information

Bodegas de Utiel

Winery Background:
Our winery and vineyards are located on a small plateau in the interior of the Province of Valencia, 70 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea, and is about 700 meters above sea level. The land and climate – with Mediterranean characteristics but continental influences – produce unique, mainly red and rosé wines using the Bobal grape variety.

The landscape surrounding this property is quite unique: very close to the sea, between two deep valleys and Mediterranean forests. The 1,235-acre property of El Renegado, the original name of the tract, features the splended vineyards and olive tree fields that comprise the Bodegas de Utiel facility.

Story Behind the Actum Name:
When war broke out in Cuba in 1898 – a battle that saw Cuba win its independence – the farmers rebelled against the Spanish army and reneged on their obligation to go to war. Since then, they were called “The Colony of Renegades,” this legend lives on and is noted on the main entrance to the winery. The successors of these renegades went on to sell the property in 1985.

Actum comes from a Latin word that means Action and is inspired by these men and woman who risked their lives and took action against injustice.